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Examples of Each Country's Support

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  • Masako
    • Jan 2023
    • 11

    Examples of Each Country's Support

    Japanese government support for JHL schools/programs in the U.S.

    The Japan Foundation, a special legal entity supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and an incorporated administrative agency, has been supporting JHL schools and programs in the U.S.

    The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles provides support in the following three areas: 1) Grant assistance, 2) Data collection and research, and 3) a JHL online platform, currently in development. The Japan Foundation offers two types of grants which are applicable to individual schools. The Salary Assistance Grant for Japanese courses, supports non-profit educational institutions, including JHL schools or school districts in the U.S. that are facing temporary financial difficulties. The Salary Assistance Grant covers a part of the Japanese language instructor’s salary and fringe benefits (up to $30,000 per year, provided on a cost-sharing basis). In the past five years, at least one or two JHL schools have received grants, ranging from $10.000 to $20.000. In the year of 2020, the Japan Foundation provided a one-time COVID-19 Salary Assistance Relief Grant to four JHL schools which allowed them to maintain courses endangered by budgetary cuts.

    The other grant which applies to individual programs is the Teaching Material Purchase Grant. The Japan Foundation provides a school or program with up to $1,000 to purchase various materials used in class. At least one school is awarded this grant every year, and five JHL schools got this grant in 2021.

    The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles conducted a survey in early 2020 of JHL schools in the U.S. and gathered more information regarding the current situation of JHL schools in the U.S. and their needs. The newest type of support JFLA is planning to offer in early 2023 is an online platform for JHL teachers and parents in the U.S. to enable them to access information related to JHL education and to facilitate communication among them.

  • Masako
    • Jan 2023
    • 11

    The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (JFLA) launched the Keisho Nihongo online platform in July 2023. This online platform was created to connect parents, teachers, schools, and educational organizations in the U.S. involved with Japanese as a Heritage Language (JHL) education which caters to children with Japanese roots. Due to the various configurations in which JHL is implemented throughout the U.S., it has been difficult for many JHL families to find communities near them and information which is relevant to their specific needs. The Keisho Nihongo Platform is home to a multitude of collected resources and information related to JHL education, and it also provides a space for users to exchange information and interact with each other. With the goal of providing a “one-stop shop” accessible to everyone involved with JHL education, the Keisho Nihongo platform features the following pages:

    This page features a nationwide map showing the locations of schools (institutions/ organizations) that offer JHL programs. We hope the map helps you find the JHL program closest to you.

    Includes various resources related to Japanese as a Heritage Language (JHL) education such as JFLA grant programs, Japanese learning materials developed by the Japan Foundation, books, websites, papers, academic conference information, and more.
    JFLA selects JHL programs operating throughout the U.S. to highlight on this page.

    The Community Forum is a free space for teachers and guardians of JHL learners to exchange information. Feel free to create a thread or contribute to an existing one and share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and advice.
    Please feel free to share your suggestions and requests with us regarding this platform. We will continue to update the platform in order to make it as useful as possible for all involved in JHL education.

    Please direct all inquiries to:
    The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles(Attention: Takehara, Ostoya)
    Tel: (323) 761-7510
    E-mail: [email protected]